Nothing defines a community’s ability to integrate its citizens better than the quality, variety, and accessibility of its transportation options. Bus systems offer fixed, flexible and accessible route service for residents to move freely throughout the community to access jobs, school, commerce, and any events and activities that the community has to offer. Taxis fill the gap between the fixed routes of busses and the un-walkable distances in rural areas. For walkers and bicyclists, curb cuts, accessible crosswalk systems, and clean sidewalks ensure safe opportunities to move throughout a community. While a challenge, the vision of a “Complete Community” is not impossible for Cortland County.

Accessible does not always mean “for people with disabilities.” In fact, accessible simply means that ANYONE can access a service when they need it. Lifts, ramps, audible / tactile signals, and curb cuts are simpe accommodations for people with disabilities. However, those accommodations offer a more complete experience and benefits to everyone in a community.

There are costs associatted with not having an accessible public transit system.

  - Lost quality of life for residents with no alternative transportation - Not everyone in our community drives a car. Many people, including people with disabilities, seniors and veterans, rely on public transportation to go to work, school, go shopping at local businesses, and attend medical appointments!

  - Lost commerce with business - It is a proven fact that communities with quality public transportation experience better commerce. People shop locally if they can get to their favorite stores!

  - Lost employment opportunities - Improved commerce leads to increased need for labor. By improving public transportation, we create new jobs. Public transportation also offers people a reliable way to get to their existing jobs, no matter what day or time they work!


Call your municipal leaders and tell them to invest in our public transit system to expand service hours and develop inter-county routes! Tell them to move oversight of taxi companies out of the City Police Department and into the County! Tell them to update crossroads and sidewalks to make them accessible for all pedestrians! For more information, please feel free to contact Aaron Baier, ATI Consumer & Systems Advocacy Coordinator, by phone: 607-753-7363; or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..