ATI offers consumers the use of six computers that have Internet access, a full suite of software and adaptive technology, a copier, a printer and a fax machine. ATI offers one-on-one computer training, on a limited basis, for those individuals that request it. Approximately 50 consumers take advantage of the computer access each week. Volunteers utilize the computer resources as well.

The ATI Consumer Computer Lab offers several models of mice and other pointing devices to help those with mobility impairments. The Lab also features multiple types of ergonomic and special keyboards that make typing easier and more comfortable. These include keyboards that have both split and tenting features and angled keys to prevent neck, shoulder, and wrist injury. Other adaptive software and technology available include the following: Kurzweil 1000TM, which speaks text aloud; a VersaPoint Duo Braille embosser (printer), which prints Braille documents; ZoomText, which magnifies the screen; JAWS, which reads the screen aloud; and Dragon Naturally Speaking, which types as a person speaks.

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