Peer Mentoring

ATI’s Peer Mentoring Program aims to help people with disabilities improve their independent living skills and problem solving techniques and to learn to become better self-advocates. It also aims to facilitate peer support by matching a person with a disability who is facing one or more obstacles to independent living with a mentor, or a person who has experience overcoming such barriers.

What is a Mentor?

A Mentor is an influential person who supports and guides us throughout life and who is a role model for success.

 - Mentors are guides for goals that you set out to achieve

 - Mentors are supportive

 - Mentors are responsible

 - Mentors are honest and will be upfront with you

 - Mentors listen to you

 - Mentors help you engage you in community activities

As a Mentee, you and your Mentor will meet in the community and get to know one another. This experience will help you learn about yourself, your goals, your abilities, and much more!


Work Readiness

ATI offers a range of services that aim to help youth and adults become better prepared to gain and maintain employment, explore new opportunities and learn important employment skills.

 - Job Shadowing & Career Exploration

 - Communication & Writing Skill Development

 - Job Search Support

 - Job Application & Resume Support

 - Group & Individual Peer Mentoring

 - Workshops & Training Opportunities


Employment Services

ATI offers a wide variety of core rehabilitation employment services beyond work readiness to help PWD secure and maintain community-based competitive employment.

  - Vocational Rehabilitation Orientation

  - Employment Assessments

  - Job Placement

  - Youth Employment Services

  - Supported Employment

  - Assistive Technology / Rehabilitation Technology

  - Work Tryouts & On-The-Job Training

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