ATI provides personal (individual) and systems (public policy) advocacy services in the following areas: Education, Employment, Health Care, Commerce, Social, and Citizenship. Systems. ATI aims to increase access to equal opportunities in exercising social, economic, educational, and legal rights. ATI works with individuals, community organizations, and state/national networks to promote full inclusion of people with disabilities, and to improve the implementation of existing laws: federal, State, and local.

The ATI Independent Living Coordinator, Community Education Coordinator, and Youth Transition / Work Readiness Coordinator offer individual advocacy services to individuals in the areas of independent living skills, benefits management, education, employment and housing, to name a few. In the event an individual requires legal assistance, ATI directs individuals to Legal Services of Central New York for further consultation.

ATI’s Systems Advocacy services include regular candidate forums, pledges-to-vote campaigns, voter registration drives, and the coordination of a local volunteer disability advocacy network. ATI participates as a member of the Statewide Systems Advocacy Network (SSAN), which provides a forum for ILC’s from across the state to work collaboratively to achieve successful outcomes on disability priority issues. The New York Association on Independent Living (NYAIL) coordinates the SSAN activities and develops a disability priority agenda each year that serves as the impetus for SSAN efforts. The 2016 Disability Priority Agenda lists ILC funding, health care, housing, employment, education, transportation, civil rights, and election reform as top priorities. ATI staff has regularly participated in state and national legislative day activities, which included meetings with the area’s state and federal legislative leaders.

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